Fun With Haiku

  1. Her hair in my fist:
    It gleams, shining like her love.
    She is mine always.
  2. Her cries pierce my ears.
    The melody blesses me.
    She capitulates.
  3. I shove him away,
    for him to beg on his knees;
    his tears hit the floor.
  4. Give him my purpose.
    Instill in him a slave’s pride.
    Show him his true self.
  5. Is this really her?
    This creature begging to serve?
    She must be tested.
  6. My fingers grip him
    Until my nails break his skin
    And I drink my fill.
  7. Her ecstasy mine,
    I take all she has to give.
    She is proud to please.

2 comments on “Fun With Haiku

  1. Faile says:

    I like these poems.
    Short and poignantly expressed.
    Revealing your heart.

    Faile x

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