My Mind Will Be Free


I need to let go. I need to get out of my head. The minute stresses of life are bricks piling higher around me, cemented by worry, creating a tower. It is chest level now. I am looking at the labels on the bricks, deciphering what I’m allowing to wall me in. I do not see the bricks as something to smash through. I do not see the solution in a sledgehammer. I know that in this fantasy land in my mind, all I need to do is address the issue creating each brick. For each issue I resolve, a brick will evaporate. I will free myself. I will not let my past be a vice grip on my head. I will not let fear, stress, and worry entrap me. I will not let myself get too uptight. I will nip my anxieties in the bud. I am glad that I am this perceptive. My Will Is Strong. My Mind Will Be Free.

(photo is El Pelo al Viento).

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