His Stockings


He rubs his thighs together. Breathes a little harder through his mouth. He is painfully aroused and has been all day.

It’s all due to the stockings clinging to his legs. Every brush of his pants against his legs has been a lesson in sensuality. It is a miracle that he has been able to keep silent with each minute rustle of cloth against the black netting. His eyes have been opened to the secret carnality a fine-tailored pair of trousers can provide. He is hyper-aware of just how sensitive his thighs are.

He rubs his thighs together again. He cannot help himself.

It doesn’t help that his Domina made him wear matching silk undies. His initial concern about feeling humiliated was foolish. He has been too distracted by the sinfully smooth weave caressing his cock to feel humiliation.

He does not know what is worse: suffering this exquisite torture or having his Domina’s teasing smirk haunt him. She chose this task well. He does not normally see Her while he is working. Today, however, is the monthly board meeting. And of course She is in attendance. She is sitting across from him. She has not spared him a glance since taking Her seat. Even so, twice now She has smirked. Her smirks betray her.

He grins. She wants to torture him? Fine, he decides. Two can play at that game. He knows She must be going wild with lust. He saw the fire of Her arousal raging in Her eyes when he put the lingerie on that morning. He saw just how tightly She pursed Her mouth. It is Her tell. She always pulls Her lips into a tight little moue whenever She struggles with control. He is actually surprised She isn’t pursing Her lips now.

Then again, perhaps he isn’t too surprised. She knows what Her smirks do to him. Her coy, intriguing little smirk is what drew him to Her in the first place. Damn her! He realizes Her smirks are part of the game, too. Even if She is going mad with desire for him, She is hiding it. Even in this, She is playing with him. Taunting him. Teasing him. Setting his blood on fire with arousal.

His feeble impulse to get back at Her dies. How could he hope to turn this against Her if She is this clever? He has never been mastered like this before.

He squirms as he starts to grasp just how thorough his Domina is. A harsh breath escapes him as he is cruelly reminded that even the slightest of movements is unbearably erotic. She smirks again and it unravels him. A man can only have so much control!

His cock swells. His cockhead glides against the silk of his undies. His hands grip his chair’s arms as he struggles to remain composed. He writhes as he aspires to hide just how badly he needs to climax. He agonizes in silence.

He rubs his thighs together.

The meeting continues.

His Domina’s smirk does not fade.

He loves Her for all Her Deviousness.

7 comments on “His Stockings

  1. Oh good god. I have no words. This. THIS is what I needed. You just hit so many of my kink buttons it’s ridiculous. I want to curl up with this piece of fiction and not let go. Or strap it down to my bed. You even made the suit tailored! Bless you. 😀 How can I repay you for this? My writing probably isn’t quite as good as yours, but I could make a damn fine go of it! Make me a keyword or kink list and it’s totally on. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on The Disgruntled Domme and commented:
    Ok. Y’all need to read this. So much love! I’ll be in my bunk now. 😉

  3. mysticlez218 says:

    Deviousness is such a sexy thing from a woman at times 😉 Nice read

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