4 comments on “I’ll take two

  1. Oh sweet mother of god, that literally just made smoke come out of my ears. You have some incredibly discerning taste, my friend! If you had a story to go with that picture, I would need some alone time. Like stat. Or some time alone with a play partner, cause damn. I’m not even thinking in complete sentences right now, you might get a keyboard smash in a few minutes. You’re a gem. An angel. A magical fairy of stocking porn.


    I’ll be in my bunk. 😛 LOVE IT.

  2. Reblogged this on The Disgruntled Domme and commented:
    Can we talk about how much I love Chainmail Flogger right now? Go read her blog, team, you will love it. https://chainmailflogger.wordpress.com/ Just LOOK at this stunning present she gave me! I’ll theoretically be posting a little later this evening, but until then, just feast your eyes. Lord knows I have been! 😀

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