Orgasm Migraines

Before yesterday, I didn’t even know that you could get a migraine from orgasming.

I live alone. I have no significant other. I have no friends with benefits. I have no fuck buddies. (That’s a tale for another day) I masturbate. A lot. At least once a day.

So yesterday, I was masturbating after returning home from work. My orgasm just begins to flutter through me when WABAM!! pain like a baseball bat has just been broken across the back of my skull (I can say this and know it’s true because I have had a baseball bat strike my skull full-force) bursts out of nowhere . The pain radiates across the right side of my skull and throbs behind my eyes.

What the fucking fuck. Not only am I in a particular kind of agony, my orgasm has been ruined! Noooooo. I’m more pissed about my soured orgasm than the pain.

I realized rather quickly that the migraine was my own damn fault. I had grabbed my head with my free hand and had been shoving it down into my shoulders and cranking it to the side rather ruthlessly. I sorta get carried away when I’m masturbating. I hadn’t even realized my free hand was touching me, let alone holding onto my head for dear life.

So now I can’t masturbate for a day or two. I tried (of course), but the migraine comes back immediately.

Moral of the story: Try to pay attention to everything, not just my greedy clit, when I’m masturbating.

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