Am I a Coward?

Am I? I’m not sure. I was so dead-set on fixing shit between Renard and I, but so many things happened this weekend that I cancelled. I got sick, I didn’t get paid, and Renard was rushing to get ready for a vacation that he didn’t. Fucking. Tell. Me. About. By the time the weekend rolled around, I was too pissed to want to deal with him. 

I’ve also met a couple that is genuinely interested in being a true triad, and seems worth the effort. They kept my spirits up this weekend, because we were constantly in contact. It was refreshing.  

I want Renard to be more communicative, but he’s just not getting it. He’s become so used to not informing me of anything, that it’s become a bad habit that he’s shit at breaking, even though I’ve brought it to his attention.


I hope things go well with this couple. I’m meeting them on Friday. I could use a working relationship right about now.

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