My Fetish


I have to admit, I don’t have many fetishes. In fact, as far as I’m aware, I only have one.

Yes, yes, there are kinky things that I like to do. I love flogging and spanking and owning someone just as much as the next impact-oriented dominant. I love scratching and biting and being primal. I love hypnosis and mind-fuckery and overstimulation. But these acts are more physical expressions of the passions I feel than they are fetishes. Yes, I find floggers, paddles, rosy bums, and all sorts of things arousing. But not to a fetishistic (yea, I’m making that a word) point.

My fetish is for men with well-kept long hair. Ho-ly fuckballs (eloquent, I know). If I see a man with well-kept long hair, my brain short-circuits. Gods forbid if I’m driving, because there’s a good chance I’ll crash.

When I see a man with long hair, the neanderthal woman in me wants to grab the closest cudgel, whap the man over the head, and drag him back to my cave. If I see a man with long hair, you bet your sweet ass that after my initial shock and brain malfunction, I’m going to be fighting the urge to dominate &/or fuck him right then and there! Bus? Train? Shop? I don’t give a fuck! I want to fuck him! I want to wrap his hair around my fist and drag him around. I want to yank his mouth down to my pussy and fucking use his hair to keep him where I want him! If I had a dick, I’d fucking jack off with his hair wrapped around it. As it is, I’ll settle for rubbing it between my lips and getting off that way! I want to bind his hair to a suspension ring and have my way with him. I want to tie him down and do things that will have him thrashing his head around until his hair is a splayed out in a glorious mess. I want to gag him with his own hair. I want to whip him with his own hair.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Why do I bring this up? Because Seattle/Washington is a fucking treasure trove of men with well-kept long hair. If I could just scoop them all up and keep them and have my way with them, that’d be perfect!

Imagine this: Me, a cute little redhead, sitting innocently on the bus. Cue the cute long-haired guy coming on. WHABAM HOT JUICY STEAMY BUS SEX, courtesy of me! What a show it would be! I wouldn’t even charge the voyeurs! Just please, please, PLEASE, JUST ONCE, CRUEL FATES, LET ME HAVE MY WAY WITH A GUY WITH SEXY LONG HAIR (and then many times after that, too >.> ).

/end horny rant

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